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Hypnobirthing Classes

I am providing Zoom classes at present, from the comfort of your home! 

Read on to see what all the hype is about!


What Even is Hypnobirthing?

Look no Further!

Congratulations, you are pregnant!

Pregnancy is bloody amazing, but I know full well that it can be totally daunting.

Don’t worry, this is why you are here! I have got you. First things first, no more crap birth stories. I have no idea what it is about people but as soon as you tell someone you are expecting, the come at you with literally all the terrible birth stories!

Hypnobirthing is all about reframing the language used around birth. Get Susan from down the road to keep her tales of long labours to herself. Also, I fully encourage you not to watch One Born, it is not preparation, it is truly terrible!

I have trained with The Birth Uprising. I am shout it from the rooftops proud of that, because I have been taught by (in my humble opinion) the best.

I can confirm for you now, that I like evidence based, I like science, I like birth rights. I am not here for you opening like a flower. That analogy doesn’t work for me, I could never get into that.

So, WHAT IS IT? It is you, learning to believe your own hype. Its changing your mindset and believing that your body was made to do this.

It’s about getting the myths in the bin. Understanding the stages of labour, the hormones released, what they are and how to control them and how they affect your labour. It is a beautiful mix of birth rights (and that is where I am at 100%). It is confidence in your body, learning how to breathe, positive affirmations, positive language and learning how to control all of these things. It is also learning how to pull it all back to calm when the unexpected happens.

Hypnobirthing is the best way to build confidence for you and your birth partner in what to expect, and what you can and can’t do (spoiler alert, you are an adult you can do as you please).

Hypnobirthing is you taking control. It is you gifting yourself the birth you deserve. I can’t promise you the ‘perfect’ birth, but I can promise you on this journey you will figure out what is the perfect birth for you, and you will go for it. You are going to have to tools to smash this whatever the hell happens, because you know what you want, and you know what your body will do. You can do anything.

This stuff is exciting and I CANNOT WAIT to get started!