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Leila & Nina

I had the honest pleasure of working with Leila in the later weeks of her pregnancy. She did my full course, and honestly she was a joy, her attitude was amazing, her first birth had been very natural and this time around was a different story, but she came with an open mind, and was really super keen to find out how to manage the pregnancy she had, and how to get the best birth for her.

Here is what she had to say about her birth -

“Due to developing pre eclampsia it was decided that my breech baby would be delivered at 37 weeks by cesarian section after deciding against a vaginal breech birth and the EVC procedure offered.

On the way to theatre my baby turned head down and the c section was cancelled while my partner was getting his scrubs on. Next minute I’m being induced, although I originally had planned and hoped for a natural water birth like I had with my first baby, it was important my baby was born soon and I accepted this.

Cassie had advised us to prepare a birth plan for Caesarian birth and induced birth too, which was the best advice I was given, because when the unexpected happened I felt calm, in control and informed. I was unable to use the birthing pool due to being unwell but Cassie had talked us through pain relief options so I felt confident making decisions about what I wanted. I found induction to be more painful than spontaneous labour and prior to my waters breaking was struggling to manage without pain relief. I requested an epidural and have zero regrets or shame about that. My labour felt calm and peaceful although it was a “high risk” situation and our beautiful daughter Nina was born after just 7 minutes of pushing.. Which is testimony I think to the things I learned through the Hypno birthing course. A complicated and high risk pregnancy and induction of birth can still result in an empowering and positive experience, especially if you are informed 😊”

The fact that she was so in control is testament to her. She did an amazing job, and I was lucky enough to hear from her throughout her birth, and we have kept in touch, and I’ve been able to pass on some feeding tips and generally get to see updates of her beautiful baby and her amazing family!

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