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The Road to Doula


If you have seen my social media, you will know how new I am in the birth world.

I have wanted to be a Doula for the last 4 years. Since my son was born. That didn't go as planned, and there was whispers from the social media accounts that I had been following about this exciting world that I frankly knew nothing about. It made me start making noises about it, and four years later here I am.

I have huge plans. Plans bigger than my imagination can cope with sometimes. And it feels like I'm trying hard to run full pelt before I can walk. But I have a good idea of where it is that I am heading to.

I love all things birth, but it really matters to me that my practices are safe for everyone, and that I am constantly learning and moving forward. Open to correction, open to learning and open to new things. From the little that I do know, it's that you cant afford to stagnate in the birth work world. Some things will be set in stone, but practices, language, and your own commitment to personal education has to be an ongoing affair.

So, welcome to my journey. Looking forward to sharing it with you all.

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